Life is Art. Live yours in COLOR.

Hi guys,

hope you’re doing well. It’s meanwhile May 2017. In less then a week i have to take the written examination at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce. I know i should learn and i do. But we all have the same passion – fashion.

Anyway. The last couple of weeks i got a lot of fashion newsletter of the well known brands. Moreover i following selected Instagram accounts for inspiration. But I didn’t find that for what i was looking for – an awesome colorful premium shirt.

Life is Art. Live yours in COLOR.

A shirt like the outfit of the last posta shirt that is not commonly seen. So I walked straight to Heffters again. I found a really nice shirt by DORANI. Its cool and simple in both ways. In my mind the shirt looks very cool in combination with the pool blue trousers by Drykorn and a deep colorful belt by Andersons. The trouser refers back to the small blue crosses. Last but not least: great shoes! Hard decisions! In the end i decided to wear pretty white sneakers by ARKK Copenhagen.
Thank you Heffters for the confidence you havplaced in me again. Check out their website, follow their Instagram or pay a visit for sure. #notsponsored I can highly recommend this men’s fashion store.


And here the result.

Premium Shirt: DORANI (didn’t find their website)
Belt: Anderson Belts
Trouser: Drykorn
Sneakers: Arkk Copenhagen

Leave a comment and let me know what you think. Thank you!
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All the best




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