Outfits – Summer Vibes


Summer Vibes ☀️

Hi guys,
meanwhile i´m really busy. So here a quick blogpost.

This style is one which will make people staring on you. As i were in town to shot the awesome outfit below nearly everybody eyeballed me from head to toe.

How i felt? Very well just because i felt confident. So if you’re not a shy gent you should definitely wear a outfit like that.

I hope you’ll get inspired. Let’s try something new and find your personal summer look.

This outfit is available at Heffters (Fashion for Men, Plötze 5 in 65549 Limburg, Germany):
Shirt: #albert
Trousers: @drykorn_forbeautifulpeople
Belt: @drykorn_forbeautifulpeople
Shoes: @florisvanbommel

All the best


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